Police Arrest Methamphetamine Traffickers In Denpasar, Tempel Mode For Drugs In Dozens Of Locations

DENPASAR - South Denpasar Sector Police (Polsek) revealed the mode of a part-time tour guide (freelance tour guide) who is also a recidivist of Lilik Budianto (51) in circulating methamphetamine, Denpasar City, Bali.

"The perpetrator became an intermediary for the sale and purchase of methamphetamine by attaching it and placing it in a location that had been determined by someone known as the boss," said South Denpasar Police Chief AKP Ida Ayu Made Kalpika Sari as reported by ANTARA, Wednesday, June 7.

Kalpika said that initially when distributing narcotics Friday (2/6) on Jalan Pulau Roti, Bear Gang, Setan Village, the suspect was reported by the public because of the actions of the perpetrators who were suspicious of local residents.

"When secured, officers found evidence of shabu weighing 26.76 grams, a crackle bag used to wrap the item, a cellphone used to communicate with the boss, as well as the motorbike used," said Kalpika.

After being questioned by investigators, according to Kalpika, the suspect LB has also served a sentence at the Kerobokan Badung Penitentiary, Bali, based on the decision of the Denpasar District Court in 2012 for the same case, namely distributing narcotics and arresting officers.

Kalpika said that in carrying out the action, the suspect received a salary of Rp. 100,000 per stick, after receiving a message from the boss through the media conveying a WhatsApp message.

"Initially, there were 24 packages that wanted to be circulated in several places in the Denpasar and Badung areas. So the suspect was called by the boss on June 1, 2023. There the suspect was ordered to take 24 packages of methamphetamine," said Kalpika.

After taking methamphetamine on Jalan Pulau Galang, Pemogan, the next Friday (2/6) at around 06.30 WITA, he received a message via WhatsAppdarisang boss who ordered to stick 24 packages of methamphetamine to a location that had been determined around Jalan Kerobokan, Jalan Pedungan and Setan.

As of 11.00 WITA, said Kalpika, LB perpetrators had attached methamphetamine packages at dozens of location points. However, when they were about to stick methamphetamine on Jalan Pulau Roti, Bear Gang, Setan, LB, they were arrested by South Denpasar Police officers thanks to reports from the public who suspected the perpetrators' movements.

"When the search was carried out, the suspect's bag found plastic packages and seven packages of methamphetamine ready for distribution. When the officers examined him, the perpetrator admitted that he had carried out his profession five times as a meth driver," said Kalpika.

For his actions, according to him, the suspect LB was charged with Article 114 paragraph 2 of Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning narcotics with a minimum prison sentence of six years.