2 People Killed By Landslide, Police Ask For Galian C In Grobogan To Be Stopped

GROBOGAN - Police requested that excavation C activities in Terkesi Village, Klambu District, Grobogan Regency, Central Java, be stopped following two workers who died as a result of being hit by landslide material from the C excavation.

"It is better if excavation activities in Terkesi Village are stopped because there are victims who died," said Klambu Police Chief AKP Maarif, quoted by ANTARA, Wednesday, June 7.

The case of the death of two excavation C workers in Terkesi Village is handled by the Grobogan Police, to ensure that the activity is accompanied by a permit or not.

The workers who died as a result of being hit by excavation material C in Terkesi Village on Wednesday (7/6) at 10.00 WIB, namely Sunawar (43) and Sunawar (48), both residents of Terkesi Village.

The Head of Terkesi Village, Mulul Hakim, in Grobogan, confirmed that two of his residents who worked as C excavation workers died as a result of being hit by landslides.

Based on the information obtained, the unfortunate incident occurred while in the process of transporting stones to a truck that happened to be under a cliff, suddenly the cliff collapsed and hit the two victims.

In the evacuation process, he said, it took up to an hour because it only used manual tools.

Due to this incident, the Pemerintah Desa Terkesi asked for mining activities to be carried out more carefully by prioritizing the safety of workers. Meanwhile, the C excavation site in Terkesi Village is estimated to have five locations.