Polri Pastikan Kompol Petrus 'Si Pemalak' Anak Buah Bakal Diroses Etik Hingga Pidana

JAKARTA - The National Police said that Kompol Petrus H Simamora would be dealt with ethically or criminally. Provided, his act of harassing Bripka Andry Darma Irawan actually happened.

Kompol Petrus H Simamora is the Commander of Battalion B Satbrimob Riau Police. He asked for deposits from Bripka Andry of up to hundreds of millions.

"We make sure that the case if it fulfills the elements of disciplinary violations, violations of the code of ethics, let alone criminal violations, will definitely be followed up," said Karo Penmas, Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan, to reporters, Wednesday, June 7.

Referring to the rules and statements from Bripka Andry, Kompol Petrus' actions are suspected of violating the rules. Because, there is not a single regulation or anything that allows deposits.

"Nothing in the Polri environment regulates deposits. So if the question is permissible or not, then it's definitely not allowed," he said.

"There are no rules that regulate like that, so it's not allowed. So if there is something like that, of course it will face the law," continued Ramadhan.

However, regarding the sanctions against Kompol Petrus, he is still waiting for the investigation process carried out by Propam. However, at this time he has been removed from his position as Danyon B of the Riau Police Satbrimob.

For information, Bripka Andry Darma Irawan uploaded his vent to social media. It contained a deposit of Rp. 650 million to Commissioner Petrus H Simamora who was his superior.

He dismantled the deposit because Bripka Andry was annoyed. He, who is a member of the Riau Police Mobile Brigade, was transferred to Battalion A Pekanbaru.

The transfer of the task was considered by Bripka Andry unfair. Because, he didn't make any mistakes. In fact, he always gives deposits to his superiors.