71 Hectares Of Rice In Kulon Progo Threatened With Puso Due To Irrigation, Joint Farmers Confess To DPRD

YOGYAKARTA - A number of farmer groups complained to the Kulon Progo Regency DPRD because 71 hectares of rice plants in their area were threatened by puso due to irrigation damage.

Head of Sukoreno Village, Ollan Suparlan, said that currently, 71 hectares in Sukoreno and Kedungsari are entering their second planting period with a plant age of around 30 to 40 days.

"We hope that Commission II of the Kulon Progo DPRD will assist and assist us in fighting for the acceleration of improvement and rehabilitation of the Closed Irrigation of the Special Region Papah," said Ollan in front of Commission II of the Kulon Progo DPRD, Wednesday, June 7, which was confiscated by Antara.

He added that residents gave up land ownership to build waterways. Residents only ask for compensation for the trees that were cut down due to the repair of the waterways.

The farmer group, which is part of the Association of Water User Farmers Associations in Sukoreno and Kedungsari Villages, also asked for closed irrigation to be built using a well-quality concrete bus so that it is not easily damaged.

"Some time ago, Papah's closed irrigation was damaged, farmers independently repaired it. However, now it is damaged again. We hope that the Kulon Progo Regency Government will look to the field so that there will be follow-up improvements. This is a problem of farmers' income and community food security, whether it cannot be prioritized," said Ollan.

The village head of Kedungsari Sukardi said that currently, farmers are pumping water from Kali Papah because the 30-day-old rice plant needs water.

If this step continues, the cost of rice production will swell, not to mention the threat of puso.

"We hope that there will be a special policy or discretion so that this rice plant is not puso. In addition, there are quick steps so that irrigation is closed Papah will be repaired immediately. This concerns the community's stomach and economy," he said.

Chairman of Commission II of the Kulon Progo DPRD, Yuliyantoro, added that he would immediately communicate with the Serayu Opak River Basin Center (BBWSSO) regarding the acceleration of repair of Papah's closed irrigation canal.

"We are very concerned about the agricultural sector, because the majority of Kulon Progo people are farmers. Farmers are the economic support and food security in Kulon Progo," he said.

Deputy Chairman of Commission II of the Kulon Progo DPRD, Priyo Santoso, said agriculture was an economic support in Kulon Progo.

Harvest failure is a disaster so that the Kulon Progo Regency Government or BBWSSO can use unexpected budgets to repair Papah's closed irrigation damage.

"The improvement of this irrigation network is very urgent so that tens of hectares of rice plants do not fail to harvest," he said.

Head of Waters for the Kulon Progo DPUPKP, Hadi Priyanto, said that his party would immediately make a request for repair of Papah's closed irrigation canal to BBWSSO.

"We will immediately prepare a budget plan for repair of Papah's closed irrigation canal. Then it will be sent to the regent for a request for repairs to BBWSSO," he said.