Indonesian Embassy Affirms Responsibility Of Repatriation Of PMI's Body From NTT Who Died In Malaysia

The Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia Hermono confirmed that the repatriation of the body of an Indonesian Migrant Worker (PMI) from Flores, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) who died in Malaysia was fully borne by the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia.

"The repatriation of the body is borne by the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia, so there is no cost of repatriation that must be borne by the family," Hermono said via text message, Wednesday, June 7, was confiscated by Antara.

He conveyed that this was in response to information circulating in the public which stated that the repatriation of PMI's body named Agnes Peni Muda (20) was hampered because the cost of repatriation had to be borne by the family.

Hermono admitted that he did not understand what certain parties meant to spread information related to cost constraints and made efforts to raise funds to help repatriate the body.

"Those who collect these donations don't know what to do," he said.

He said the process of repatriating the body was being handled by the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia, which was still waiting for administrative completeness or documents for sending the bodies.

"What is certain is that the repatriation is borne by the Indonesian Embassy. God willing, it will be sent home soon," he said.

PMI from Flores, NTT, Agnes Peni Muda died in Malaysia on Saturday, June 3.