The Disclosure Of The TIP Case In Pemalang Started With A Chinese Ship Accident In The Indian Ocean

PEMALANG Setelah di Polres Grobogan, Polres Brebes dan Polresta Cilacap, kali ini Polres Pemalang mengungkap tindak pidana penjualan orang (TPPO) yang sudah berjalan sekk tahun 2021. Kapolda Jawa Tengah Irjen Ahmad Luthfi menjelaskan, pengungkapan TIP di Pemalang ini berawal dari kecelakaan kapal Cina di Samudera Hindia.

"Starting from the accident of a Chinese ship in the Indian Ocean, on May 16. At that time, our crew (babal subordinates) were found from Indonesia, from Brebes, Tegal, Tuban and Banjarnegara.," said Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi in a live broadcast at Pemalang Police, Wednesday morning, June 7.

Based on the results of the examination by the crew members, it is known that a Sahabat Mitra Sejahtera company does not have a permit to recruit. So the Pemalang Police also conducted an investigation into the company.

"After an investigation was carried out. It is known that in the period May 2021 until now June 2023, this company has dispatched nearly 447 crew members. Meanwhile, 114 have not been dispatched. The company does not have a permit regarding Indonesian migrants," explained Ahmad Luthfi.

The Regional Police Chief also explained that the company made a profit of IDR 2.2 billion during its illegal activities.

"This motive is done to seek profit in order to enrich oneself. The perpetrators get a profit of 2.2 billion rupiah. The confiscated evidence is like the deed of establishment of the company, NIP and others. "he concluded.

The Central Java Regional Police and Pemalang Police will develop this case. Because it does not rule out the possibility of other networks that have been running so far.