YouTube, WhatsApp, And TikTok Become Popular Applications For Indonesian Children On Android

JAKARTA - Modern children have received the device in their hands from a young age and have started exploring the virtual world from an early age. There they can explore the world, make friends, play games, and learn.

Kaspersky Safe Kids analysis compiled anonymously reveals the latest data on search queries, the most popular Android apps, and the most popular website categories of children's interest today.

During May 2022 - April 2023, Kaspersky revealed that the most popular applications on Android included YouTube (33%), TikTok (18%), and WhatsApp (18%). Roblox ranks fourth (7%).

While on Windows, the most popular apps are Google Chrome (46%), Microsoft Edge (13%) and children's favorite communication apps, Discord (10%).

Especially in Indonesia, the most popular applications on Android for children are the Youtube application (27.29%), WhatsApp (25.26%) and then followed by TikTok (17.81%) in third place.

For Windows, the most popular app is Google Chrome (40.82%), Microsoft Edge (11.35%) with the game Roblox being the favorite game app on this platform (10.5%).

On a global scale, for YouTube, children most frequently browse channels and bloggers serving entertainment, challenge, or lifestyle content (19%). Cards, TV shows, and anime (17%) are the next most popular topics.

The third place is occupied by music players (15.7%). Game blogs account for 15.5% of the search, and game content by 10%. MrBeast and SSSniperWolf are the most trending among bloggers and channels.

Among the cartoons (46%), the kids most frequently trace Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir season 5, and MSA predictive My Story Animated. Chainsaw Man, Demon Slayer, and One Piece became the leader in the number of anime requests (16%). Next, the film that children like the most is Super Mario Bros., Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Rock Dog 3: Battle the Beat.

Last year was rich in interesting events for children. In addition to the Evergreen theme which is consistently popular with children, there are many "seasons" stories related to the release of new animated films. At the same time, all of these trends are equally important and interesting for children, which means parents can also join and take a closer look at building closer relationships with the baby," said Anna Larkina, a web content analysis expert at Kaspersky.

"In this case, the reliable parental assistant solution is very useful in addition to maintaining the safety of children on the network, it can also show what they are interested in," Anna added.