Kawasaki KLX Terbaru Sapa Pasar Motor Trail Di Indonesia
KLX150SM. (Doc.Kawasaki Indonesia)


JAKARTA - A two-wheeled vehicle manufacturer from Japan, Kawasaki launched a new KLX trail motorcycle with the name "New KLX150SM" in Indonesia.

Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI), as the distributor of Kawasaki motorbikes in Indonesia, presents KLX150SM for trail or supermoto lovers who are used to be tested in various terrains.

"To provide satisfaction to Trail and Supermoto customers, we continue to innovate to refresh KLX150 and KLX150SM as products with the concept of a real all-purpose motorbike in Indonesia," said Michael C Tanadhi, PT KMI's Head Sales & Promotion in his official statement on Sunday, May 28.

Not only for use in motocross activities and off-road adventurers, Kawasaki KLX is present in the dual-purpose series which is also for daily use.

With the appearance of trail motors in general, Kawasaki KLX150SM has a slimmer shape but remains sturdy. Not to forget, KLX also embeds 17-inch rims on both wheels.

This motorbike also features several modern features, some of which include LED headlights, full LCD speedometers of digital instruments, sturdy frames, 175 mm wheel travel, and high level maneuverability with the help of front wheels suspension.

Kawasaki KLX Series is arguably the successor to its predecessor trail motorbike, ke125 in the 1980s. At that time, ke125 became a favorite motorbike for trail and mainstay model lovers for Kawasaki.

Kawasaki KLX150SM is marketed for IDR 36,800,000 on the Jakarta road. Further information can be seen on the official website of Kawasaki Indonesia.

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