Easy Ways To Apply For AdSense To Make Money From YouTube
Easy Ways to Apply for AdSense to Make Money from YouTube (Pixabay)

YOGYAKARTA - For YouTube content creators, one way to make money is to use AdSense. Later, each video that you upload will display certain ads that have value in accordance with YouTube policies.

However, to make money through AdSense, users need to register first. The method is also very easy, provided you are a YouTube content creator who creates original content.

In addition, there are a number of conditions that must be met by content creators to be able to sign up for AdSense and monetize their YouTube channel, in order to make money.

These conditions include having at least 1000 subscribers, getting 4000 hours of viewing, and following the monetization policies and conditions that have been set by YouTube.

One of YouTube's policies and conditions is that uploaded videos are original content and do not contain SARA, as well as nudity videos and so on.

If you have met the specified requirements, YouTube content creators register for AdSense by following the steps that have been compiled by the VOI team below.

How to Apply for AdSense for YouTube Monetization

To sign up for AdSense, the first step you can take is to log in to your monetized YouTube account. After that, click the profile icon in the top right corner of your YouTube page.

After that, click the YouTube Studio menu. You will enter into a new window of your channel's YouTube Studio page. You can look for the left menu bar and click the "Monetization" option.

In that section, for content creators who have more than 1000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, the Sign Up Now menu will appear. However, if your subscriber count has not reached 1000, then the menu will not appear.

Next, you will be asked to agree to the partner program set by YouTube. Users can put a tick icon in the column provided after reading the terms made by YouTube, then click Agree in the column at the bottom right.

After agreeing to the given terms, the user will enter a new window which takes you to the monetization page. To start registering users can select Sign up for Google Adsense.

If you already have a Google AdSense account, users can link the account. However, if you don't have one, you can create a Google AdSense account first.

To do this, select the option Don't have an AdSense account, then click Continue. Next, you will be asked to sign in to your Google account.

Agree to the terms and conditions to create an account, then click the 'Create Account' menu. After that, complete your identity such as, name, full address, postal code, telephone number, then click the Send icon, then Switch.

Thus, you have successfully registered for an AdSense account and can be used to monetize your YouTube channel.

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