Bitcoin Price Almost Reaches IDR 1 Billion, Perfect Time For Crypto Investment?
Bitcoin prices skyrocket (photo: Pixabay)

JAKARTA - When the price of Bitcoin jumped on February 27 to the level of $55,000, on February 28, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed again to a figure above $58,000, equivalent to Rp992 million.

According to Fahmi Almuttaqin, Crypto Analytic Reku, the increase in Bitcoin prices is influenced by several factors, such as the entry of net funds of 6.1 billion US dollars into a number of Bitcoin Spot ETFs that are already traded in the US.

Then another factor is MicroStrategy, a software company, which bought about 3,000 tokens this month, bringing the company's total Bitcoin holdings to around $10 billion.

Seeing the positive trend that exists, Fahmi thinks that the current condition can be a momentum for investors who want to diversify their investment into crypto assets.

"Because Bitcoin's performance shows that crypto asset instruments can not only be used as a complement, but also a diversification option to optimize potential returns," said Fahmi.

However, Fahmi emphasized that investors should remain careful and wise in monitoring market conditions periodically and adjusting their investment strategies.

"The bullish momentum in Bitcoin is also expected to provide an overview for investors to restructure their investment strategy," he said.

Fahmi appealed to investors to continue to consider all investment decisions with in-depth research and wise considerations, and of course use cold money to invest.

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