SpiderSwap And AI: The Solana Coin Meme That Is Riding Leaves
Spiderswap, new tokens that are getting popular. (Photo; Doc. Spiderswapio)

JAKARTA - Solana, a third-generation blockchain that offers very low transaction speeds and costs, has attracted the attention of crypto investors. One of the sectors most developed in the Solana ecosystem is the coin meme, which is a token inspired by internet memes and has value driven by emotional and speculative factors.

SpiderSwap and AI are two Solana coin memes that have seen a huge price increase in recent days. Both have unique and interesting themes, and are supported by a strong and enthusiastic community.

SpiderSwap is a community-driven Solana swap collector, which allows users to exchange Solana tokens for very low costs. The SPDR token is a utility token from the SpiderSwap platform, which is used to pay transaction fees, rewards provider liquidity, and gives voting rights to its holders.

AI is a coin meme that claims to be an artificial intelligence coin, which uses AI algorithms to determine the supply and demand of tokens. AI tokens have a deflation mechanism, meaning the number will decrease over time, thereby increasing the value of each token.

According to data from CoinGecko, the SPDR value has jumped 26% in the last 24 hours, from 0.0495 US dollars (Rp 775.22) to 0.0623 US dollars (Rp 975.44). The SPDR value peaked on February 6, 2024, amounting to 0.0784 US dollars (Rp 1.227.64), which amounted to an increase of 51% from the previous price. Currently, SPDR has a full dilution market capitalization of 75.9 million US dollars (Rp 1.18 trillion) and a 24-hour trading volume of 118,703 US dollars (Rp 1.85 billion).

Meanwhile, AI value also experienced a very explosive price action. Despite the decline in AI today, the token rose more than 1,100% at its peak yesterday, amounting to US$0.0044 (Rp 68.88). Currently, AI is trading around US$0.0032 (Rp 50.10) with a full dilution market capitalization of US$1.2 billion (Rp 18.78 trillion) and a 24-hour trading volume of US$1.2 million (Rp 18.78 billion).

Solana's second impressive performance of the Solana-based coin meme has raised questions from coin meme investors about whether the momentum is starting to shift from Ethereum to a different layer-1 chain.

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