Apple Music Tests The Transfer Playlist Feature From Other Music Apps
Apple Music adds SongShift service integration (photo: dock. Apple)

JAKARTA Apple Music is testing the integration of SongShift's service in beta. With SongShift, Spotify users or other music apps can move playlists to Apple Music.

Quoted from 9to5google, the integration of SongShift's services was first discovered by Apple Music users on Android devices. So far, no beta version of Apple Music users in iOS have found SongShift services.

Users who find SongShift's integration say that he gets advice to move the playlist. The suggestion reads, "Add saved music and playlists that you create on other music services to your Apple Music library."

SongShift is an application specifically designed for iOS devices and can be found on the App Store. This software is able to move music playlists from various music streaming applications such as Spotify, Soundcloud, or Apple Music.

Apple seems to be working with the service to optimize the use of Apple Music. By presenting the service, users can easily make playlists easy without the need to have additional applications.

So far, only a few beta version of Apple Music users have discovered the integration of the service. It seems, beta testing for this early stage is still being developed so other beta users haven't seen the update yet.

It is not yet known whether this feature was created specifically for Android users. However, usually Apple Music for Android and iOS devices has the same features, both during official launches and when beta testing.

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