Google Chrome Develops New Features To Make Website An Application On Android
Chrome will present an install website feature (photo: dock. Google)

JAKARTA Google Chrome users can convert a website into an application. However, this can only be done on a Personal Computer (PC) with a Windows or macOS operating system.

Now, Google plans to present this capability on Android devices. Based on the findings of Windowsreport, the Install website feature will be added to the Add to Home Screen menu in the Chrome application.

When this feature has been released in the Canary version, Chrome users will see two features in the Add to Home Screen menu. These two features are Install website and Create Shortcuts, both of which have different functions.

When users click Create shortcuts for the website they visit frequently, the logo and domain of the website will appear on their phone homepage. When the logo and domain are clicked, users will be directed to the website in Chrome.

As the name implies, the Create Shortcut feature only designs the Progressive Web App (WPA) to facilitate access for users. Meanwhile, Install the website will stand alone without being directed to enter Chrome.

Simply put, this feature will make the website a standalone application. Although it looks like an application, this installed website will not be controlled by the original developer because the process and control is still held by Chrome.

By presenting an install option for the website on Chrome, users can save device capacity. Like platform X for example, users don't need to download the original application to use X because they can install their website.

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