Yahoo Mail Adds Many AI Supported Features
Yahoo added a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to its Yahoo Mail, (photo: dock. Yahoo)

Yahoo added a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to its Yahoo Mail, which it claims can save its users money and time.

The company added a Shopping Saver feature in the Income Box, which displays gift cards, discount codes, store credits and compiled messages suggested to vendors to help implement user money savings once purchases are made.

We have introduced a complete set of tools at Yahoo Mail to help users save time and money, making progress towards a helping inbox, not to mention Yahoo Mail Senior Vice President and General Manager Josh Jacobson.

"We hope the new tool will help users regain a small part of that amount in their wallet," he added.

Yahoo uses Google Cloud's AI platform to develop its generative AI features, which also includes Search.

The search will now suggest general questions to help users find what they're looking for.

According to Yahoo, instead of users just relying on keywords or browsing old emails, they can now ask questions, or choose from a list of questions relevant to their search terms to narrow the search results even further.

Now, the Draft Assistant for Writing will also suggest replying through the user's voice, identifying the appropriate tone through context instructions from the existing email series to match the conversation.

Lastly, in Message Summary, with this update users can highlight important information such as date, time, and action items.

The feature will then suggest tasks, calendar events, and follow-up topics. Currently, all the new features have been expanded in beta for iOS and the web, such as being confiscated from Business Wire, Tuesday, August 29.

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