Instagram Tests AI Chatbot That Can Help Express Yourself, ChatGPT Loses Competition?
Meta is testing its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based chatbot on its social media, Instagram. (photo: dock. Instagram)

JAKARTA - Meta seems to be testing a chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on its social media, Instagram. It is claimed, this new feature is similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Found for the first time by app developer Alessandro Paluzzi, the AI Instagram chatbot seems to be separated from other features.

Users can take advantage of chatbots by creating conversations such as asking questions or giving advice.

More than 30 different AI personalities can be selected by users, who can also help them write messages. This ability is quite useful when users have difficulty expressing themselves.

"Instagram seeks to bring AI (Bot) Agents to your chat for a more enjoyable and interesting experience," tweeted @alex193a.

Unfortunately, it is not known for sure when this chatbot will launch and whether he will be able to compete with the big players first, such as ChatGPT, Bing Chat and Bard.

In fact, Meta's move was not surprising, the company had previously announced plans to experiment with AI on Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in February the company had a long-term goal of creating AI Persona, which could help people in various ways.

In addition to chatbots, Instagram is also working on AI to optimize filters and ads with Advance+, a tool that can find viewers and place ads automatically across Meta platforms.

Meta is also developing a way for advertisers to create and test ads using AI.

Even so, Instagram isn't the only one bringing AI to its social media. Last February, Snapchat began launching a ChatGPT-powered chatbot dubbed My AI.

Snapchat chatbots can plan trips and recommend birthday gifts. This was quoted from Business Insider, Wednesday, June 7.

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