Seeing The 2023 Smartphone Trend, What's The Latest Technology Presented?
Illustration of smartphone 2023 (Unsplash)

YOGYAKARTA - The 2023 smartphone trend began to appear after entering 4 months this year. gadget lovers have also started hunting for their target cellphones following the latest trends. Phones brands of iPhones and Samsung still excel as the best-selling ones on the market.

Every year, smartphone manufacturers continue to issue cellphones with the latest technology. The presence of the 5G network internet also demands smartphone manufacturers to equip their products with more advanced technology.

New smartphones this year were launched to meet the needs of users in today's era. Various technological developments are presented for photo needs, video access, playing games, and so on. So what is the trend of smartphone 2023?

It is undeniable that gadget users will look for smartphones that can meet their needs in line with the development of digital technology. The following is the smartphone trend that will be present in 2023.

Currently, many smartphones are supported by 5G network access. Given that several cities in Indonesia have been reached by the 5G network, smartphone users currently want a smartphone that has a 5G connectivity chipset. Sales of 5G smartphones are also estimated to increase by 20 percent in 2023.

In addition to chipsets, the 2023 smartphone trend also pays attention to batteries. This year, more and more middle class smartphones have emerged that are already supported by fast charging. For example, fast charger 67 Watt, if previously only on flagship class smartphones, this year it is already in the medium segment.

The use of mobile phones to play games is increasing due to the development of Esports. To meet these needs, smartphones output in 2023 are also equipped with extreme performance to run heavy programs. This year, many people are looking for smartphones that can be used to play games smoothly.

The camera feature is also an important part that people consider when they want to buy a cellphone. In 2023, smartphones are increasingly presented with high-quality camera technology. In accordance with activities on social media and digital platforms, many people need phones with the best cameras to take quality photos and make aesthetic videos.

That's a review of the 2023 smartphone trend. The development of smartphones is adjusted to the needs of users in the digital era, ranging from 5G networks, high-quality cameras, best performance for support games, and so on.

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