BIT Mining Launches The Most Popular Mining Machine For DOGE And LTC
BIT Mining presents the latest mining rigs for DOGE and LTC. (Photo; Doc. Zipso)

JAKARTA - BIT Mining, a cryptocurrency mining company, has launched the latest mining machines for Dogecoin (DOGE) and Litecoin (LTC) that are more sophisticated than the previous version. The machine is named LD4 and has gone through extensive testing before launch.

In the past year, BIT Mining has launched three LD-only mining machine models. Each model presents a significant improvement in terms of efficiency and security.

LD4 has higher power efficiency and is capable of achieving a maximum 5GH/s output, which is much better than the LD3 model. In addition, the machine also has advanced hardware-level and software-level security features to reduce the system's drawbacks.

Xianfeng Yang, CEO of BIT Mining, said that LD4 is the most sophisticated mining machine in their industry. BIT Mining is committed to continuing to develop new technologies to improve the efficiency of the cryptocurrency mining industry.

"We continue to improve our expertise and gain additional experience in producing products that help contribute to critical blockchain networks," said Xianfeng Yang, CEO of BIT Mining.

"LD4 is the most advanced mining machine in our industry. As one of the world's leading brands of cryptocurrency mining machines, we are committed to continuing to develop the latest technology and improve the efficiency of the mining industry," added Xianfeng Yang.

Meanwhile Coingape reported that the Bitcoin hash rate reached the All-Time High (ATH) 209 zethashes (10^21). This signifies a healthy situation for this leading cryptocurrency and signals that more miners are returning to the mining industry after last year's decline.

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