Be Careful With Phishing Link On Discord Arbitrum!
The crypto community has warned about the fake Arbitrum (ARB) airdrop. (photo: twitter @Arbitrum_Comnty)

JAKARTA - The crypto community has warned about the fake Arbitrum (ARB) airdrop, which was later proven after hackers managed to share phishing links to the official Discord Arbitrum server. On March 25, the security firm focused on blockchain, CetriK, uncovering the possibility of phishing links being shared via the Discord Arbitrum server.

Allegedly a Discord account that has been hacked by one of the Arbitrum developers was used to share false announcements with phishing links. Phishing messages on Discord offer "the opportunity to claim additional shares in the Arbitrum DAO Governance" while citing the problem during the drive claim of initial tokens. However, Arbitrum's misspelled support URL as "Arbtirum" - a fraudulent technique used in phishing attacks.

Clicking on phishing links like this will usually lead suspicious victims to fake websites asking them to enter personal information, such as wallet private keys. However, further investigations from Cointelegraph show that clicking on Arbitrum phishing links takes users to empty websites with the caption "Astaghfirullah," meaning "I ask God for forgiveness."

Until there is further clarification from Arbitrum, investors are advised not to interact with the announcement. When hackers try to take advantage of the hype, investors must be very alert to unrealistic claims and fraud.

Arbitrum has not yet responded to a request for comment from Cointelegraph. Meanwhile, two airdrop collectors managed to obtain around US$3.3 million (Rp50 billion) in ARB tokens. As Cointelegraph reports, one wallet received US$2 million (Rp30.3 billion) in the ARB, while the other raised about US$1.38 million (Rp20.9 billion) in the token.

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