Use Banget! Here's How To Add Widget To Desktop Windows 11
Illustration of Taskbar in Windows 11. (Unsplash)

JAKARTA - Most of you may prefer to see a smartphone screen display that is asymple and plain, but some like a more personal look by adding widgets that suit their wishes.

Just like adding widgets on your smartphone screen, you can also do the same on your desktop.

By pressing Win + Wdi Windows 11, you can add widgets to the left menu ofTaskbar. However, please note that you cannot add the widget to your desktop main screen.

Fortunately, Windows has a third-party app called "Widget Launcher" which lets you pin a widget to the desktop. Here's how to use it.

How to download the Witch Launcher app is very easy, you can directly download it on the Microsoft Store in the following way:

By opening the Witch Launcher, you will see a list of available widgets, such as Weather, Hours, Calendar, Records, and CPU Measurers.

You just need to click on Launching Widget, and then the widget you want will be added directly to your desktop screen. Don't worry, you can disable the Windows 11 widget whenever you want.

If you want to view the widget at any time, click Settings in the lower left corner of the Waltett Launcher app. Then, enable the switch for Blott Always Above. That way, you will see widgets even if you are opening another window on your desktop.

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