Samsung Joins Exynos, Safe Main Use Snapdragon Chipsets In The Galaxy S Series
Illustration of Snapdragon Chip (photo: dock. Qualcomm)

JAKARTA - Samsung will usually release phones with two different chipset versions of Snapdragon and Exynos, but now for the first time in history, the company will only embed Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 on the Galaxy S23 lineup.

This change came after many users of South Korea's giant cellphone were disappointed by Exynos' internal processor performance.

In the meantime, Samsung admits defeat in the chipset scene, and certainly this is good news for Galaxy-series mobile fans, who have petitioned Samsung to stop using the Exynos chipset.

So, Samsung decided to use the chipset made by Qualcomm which will be sold worldwide. However, Samsung does not use the same Snapdragon chip that other vendors use.

The company will use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 version with a higher clock, and this is not the last time it has done it. Instead, Samsung will continue to use a dedicated version of Snapdragon chipset on high-end smartphones in the future until it is good enough to be a Snapdragon fitter.

According to Yogesh Brar tipster, the chipset inside the Galaxy S23 is reportedly dubbed the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform For Galaxy, and the Snapdragon For Galaxy chipset in the Galaxy S24 series.

For your information, over the years the Samsung Exynos chipset designed by the company's LSI System division has not been good enough.

Performance is always worse than its competitors, having problems with sustainable workload and mobile performance, which results in worse battery life.

So, Samsung's smartphone division (Samsung MX) formed its own engineering team to design a custom-made processor on the high-end Galaxy. The first chip from the new unit is reported to debut with the Galaxy S25 in 2025.

Until the chipset is ready, the company may use Qualcomm's leading Snapdragon chip version with a higher clock.

It is hoped that consumers will no longer complain about the performance and life of their Galaxy phones battery. Qualcomm will then move to another Android OEM after the deal with Samsung ends. This was quoted from various sources, Wednesday, January 25.

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