What Is HDR On A Smartphone? Knows The Right UNDERSTANDing, Benefits, And Time Using This Feature
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YOGYAKARTA For those of you who like photography with smartphone cameras, you are certainly familiar with the HDR feature. This feature is available when you open the camera feature. Unfortunately, the use of HDR is not done optimally, even though this feature is able to produce better photos even though it is only via cellphone. Then, what is HDR on smart phone cameras?

HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. This feature will help improve image quality and better effects than ordinary photo results. In the world of HP photography, HDR is often used to take image objects outdoors or in places that have dynamical celebrations.

HDR can also be said to be the camera sensor's ability to capture details on the photo object between the bright and the dark parts. This is common in photo objects that have differences or contrasts of darkness and light.

When taking pictures with a cellphone, the camera does need light. But sometimes the existing photo objects often have excessive light and make it difficult for the camera to take detailed pictures. As a result, the image becomes blurred or the color becomes not sharp and is dominated by a certain color. To overcome this, HDR can be a solution.

In simple terms, the way HDR works on the phone's camera is to take multiple images in sequence. Each image has different exposure values. After that the device will combine the image into one. The resulting photo will have details on the dark and bright polar areas. HDR can work optimally on stable hands and static photo objects.

As previously said, HDR is related to the maximum photo results. However, the benefits can be even wider.

You can take advantage of the HDR feature to get a more detailed photo object without being disturbed by excessive light.

Not only details, HDR allows you to get more interesting images than the shots done without HDR.

The main function of the HDR feature on the phone's camera is to be able to balance the light on the photo object, so that the photo is not too bright or not too dark.

Tips on using HDR are knowing when to use this feature. The right time to use HDR is as follows.

The view is the most favorite photo object. But sometimes the sunlight caught by the cellphone camera is too excessive to make the image disproportionate. To balance light, use HDR.

Background often occurs when the photo object is darker than the existing background. This causes the photo object to darken. To make it more balanced, activate HDR mode.

For those of you who want to activate HDR, the method that can be done is quite simple. However, the available panels are different from the phone brand. But in general, how to activate the HDR feature is as follows.

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