Supporters Allowed To Attend Mugello, Watching From 3 Different Stands
Ducati fans watching MotoGP at Mugello (Photo: MARCA)

JAKARTA - For the first time this season, fans will be allowed to attend the Formula 1 Grand Prix this weekend.

The Tuscan Grand Prix to be held tomorrow at Mugello will be Ferrari's 1,000th race in F1 and they will do it in front of a small crowd.

About 3,000 supporters, mostly members of the official Ferrari Club, have been given tickets to attend the race.

Spectators in attendance will watch the Tuscan GP from three different stands - Central, Materassi and 58 - while adhering to the rules of keeping distance.

Fans must travel to the circuit in their own vehicle, whether car or motorbike, before undergoing a temperature check at the venue.

Initially, tickets were sold for between 750 and 1,200 euros for this race, but that price was reduced to 150 to 600 euros at the main stand.

Meanwhile, the use of the Mugello Circuit as a 2020 Formula 1 racing arena is the first time in history.

Despite being an international standard circuit, Mugello has never once become a land jet racing circuit. This circuit has only been used as a MotoGP racing arena for many years.

The Mugello circuit is considered by many to be one of the best circuits in the world.

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