Bareskrim Arrests Ustaz Yahya Waloni Allegedly For Blasphemy
Ustaz Yahya Waloni (Capture the screen of Hadits TV YouTube channel)

JAKARTA - The Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police arrested the preacher Ustaz Yahya Waloni. This arrest is suspected to be related to a case of alleged blasphemy against the Bible.

"That's right (Yahya Waloni was arrested)," said the Head of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Inspector General Argo Yuwono to reporters, Thursday, August 26.

Yahya, continued Argo, was arrested while at his residence in the Cibubur area. However, the details of the evidence and the chronology of the arrests have not yet been detailed.

"The person concerned is secured at his residence," Argo said briefly.

For information, Yahya Waloni had attracted attention with his story of accidentally hitting a dog. The story of his experience was conveyed during a lecture broadcast on the Hadith TV YouTube account on Saturday, February 13, 2021.

Yahya Waloni admitted that he had hit a dog when he was around the border area between Riau and Jambi, precisely in Kemuning District. It all started when he wanted to go to the lecture location.

On the way, Ustaz Yahya Waloni saw a dog and hit it until it limped. The reason he hit the dog was because the animal was unclean.

"I also hit a dog, I don't know who it was. He ran with a limp. If the goat was still I braked, but I saw a dog, I shot the one in front of me unclean," he said.

His statement immediately sparked criticism from various parties, including Deddy Corbuzier. Through his twitter account, he uploaded satirical comments. The contents of the upload are about the word dog from Google which refers to a lecturer.

"Forgot the name of the preacher who was proud to hit our dog... Well, I just Googled ANJIXXX, right... Die appeared," wrote Deddy quoted from Twitter @corbuzier, Tuesday, February 16.

Apart from Deddy Corbuzier, the animal lover community also criticized Ustaz Yahya Waloni's statement.

Head of Animal Defender Indonesia Doni Herdaru said that dog saliva is indeed unclean in Islam, but that doesn't mean it can act cruelly against the animal.

"Keep in mind, that it is in Islam that dogs are unclean but there is no reason to be cruel to them," said Doni.

"In Islam, there are good ways to overcome najis if we are exposed. It does not mean that what is unclean must be eradicated and persecuted," he asserted.

Doni alluded to all living things created by God, of course there are benefits. So, there is no reason to hurt them.

"If you don't like it, there's no need to hurt. That's all. Of course, the Creator didn't create anything in vain," he said.

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