JAKARTA - The Israeli military announced the sending of additional combat brigades to the Rafah, the southern Gaza Strip, to join five brigades already in the city, in order to expand attacks on the area.

According to Israeli Military Radio, the Bislamach Brigade's infantry troops entered Rafah on Monday (27/5), and became the sixth combat brigade in Rafah.

Reported by ANTARA from Anadolu, Tuesday, May 28, the radio considers the announcement to be the true expansion of the Israeli army operation in Rafah launched on May 6.

The deployment of a new combat brigade to Rafah came despite the International Court (ICJ) on Friday (24/5) having given orders for Israel to immediately stop attacks on the city filled with Palestinian refugees.

The extent of Israel's attack on Rafah is currently making the Israeli army almost completely control the border area between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, known as the Philadelph Corridor, a demilitarized buffer zone that stretches along the Gaza-Egyptian border.

To date, Israeli soldiers have taken control of nearly two-thirds of the corridor's territory in line with the brutal bombing and shooting of the area.

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