Marbot Killed Mosques, Bogor Firefighters Evacuate The Sarang Tawon Ganas Tonight
Illustration-(Photo: DOK ANTARA)
BOGOR - The Fire and Rescue Service (DPKP) of Bogor City, West Java, will evacuate a wasp nest that caused the death of a mosque marbot in Kedungjaya Village. Head of the Bogor City DPKP Extinguishment and Rescue Division, M. Ade, said that the evacuation of the wasp nest will be carried out at night because the wasp is an insect that is active during the day. "Evacuation will be safer to do at night when the wasp has entered the nest. During the day it is dangerous because many roam around the nest,” he said in Bogor City, as reported by Antara, Thursday, February 22. Prior to the incident, residents who died from wasp symptoms, on Wednesday night, the Bogor City DPKP had received reports regarding the presence of wasp nests. However, when the evacuation will be carried out, the DPKP will receive news that one of the residents with the initials UD (50) died from being stung by a wasp so that the evacuation was postponed. “ The plan will be done tonight. Hopefully tonight the handling can be done, ” he said. Ade suspects that the wasp that stings the victim is a type of Vespa Affinis which is indeed malignant and can cause death. If more than one is stung, it is certain that the victim's body cannot withstand pain from the sting. He estimates that residents do not know the right way and when to deal with wasp nests. As well as whether the types of wasps to be handled are dangerous or not. Ade also appealed to residents to be more careful in handling wasp nests. It is better if you contact the fire department so as not to cause casualties. "It is better to contact the firefighters and not to handle them alone so they don't fall victim again," said Ade.
On Wednesday, a resident in RT 1/RW 6, Kedungjaya Village, Bogor City, West Java with the initials UD (50 years old) died from being stung by a wasp. The victim was stung on Wednesday afternoon and died in the evening.

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