Manggarai Station Escalator Dies Suddenly Fires Against Direction Until Passengers Fall, KCI Immediately Repairs

PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI) closed and repaired the escalator at Manggarai Station, after the disturbance or damage occurred on Wednesday (21/2).

"In order for the same thing not to happen, we will close the escalator," said External Relations & Corporate Image Care of PT KCI Leza Arlan, quoted by ANTARA, Thursday, February 22.

According to him, the incident occurred on Wednesday (21/2) around 18.06 WIB, or when train passengers were using an escalator to head to platform 11 and 12.

Leza said that the escalator, which is on the first floor, normally leads up to platforms 11 and 12, but suddenly moves back to the bottom.

The incident, said Leza, caused several users who were at the escalator to fall towards the platform.

"The incident did not cause any casualties, the security officers guarding the escalator swiftly helped the fallen user," he said.

In addition to closing the escalator, his party coordinated with the Directorate General of Railways, in this case, the Jakarta Class One Railway Engineering Center (BTP) for inspection and repair of the escalator.

In addition to the escalator and elevator facilities intended for priority users when heading to platforms 11 and 12 at Manggarai Station, manual ladder facilities are also available on the south side and in the middle of the station's first floor.

He appealed to users who are still able to use manual stairs, to use them when going to the platform or vice versa.

"We also urge you to always prioritize safety by always following directions and information from officers at the station," he said.

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