Twice Incomplete Case Files, Polda Metro Will Again Examine Firli Bahuri
Former KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri. (DOC. ANTARA)

JAKARTA - Polda Metro Jaya will again examine Firli Bahuri as a suspect in the alleged extortion and or gratification case against the former Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo. The examination followed up on the case file which was declared incomplete.

"Including additional information from the suspect FB," said Director of Special Criminal Investigation at the Metro Jaya Police, Kombes Ade Safri Simanjuntak, to VOI, Saturday, February 3.

Apart from Firli Bahuri, investigators will also re-examine several other witnesses. However, it did not specify who the witnesses were.

"There are several witnesses who will be re-examined for investigation," he said.

However, regarding the timing of the examination of Firli Bahuri and other witnesses, Ade said he could not confirm yet. Investigators who will schedule it later.

"As soon as possible, investigators will be equipped and sent back to the Jakarta Prosecutor's Office," said Ade.

Previously, it was reported that the DKI Jakarta Attorney General's Office stated that the case file for the suspect Firli Bahuri was incomplete. So, it is returned to the Polda Metro Jaya investigators.

"The Pidsus Division of the DKI Jakarta High Prosecutor's Office has returned the results of the investigation of the Case Files on behalf of the suspect Firli Bahuri," said Head of the DKI Jakarta Attorney General's Office, Syahron Hasibuan.

The case file was returned on Friday, February 2. The research prosecutor assessed that there were still shortcomings, both formal and material, in accordance with Article 110 and Article 138 (1) of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Originally, Polda Metro Jaya investigators first handed over Firli Bahuri's case file on December 15. However, from the examination process, the prosecutor considered that there were still shortcomings and returned them on December 28.

Following up on this, investigators began to complete it. After being deemed sufficient, the case file was again transferred to the DKI Jakarta High Prosecutor's Office on January 24.

Firli Bahuri was named a suspect based on the results of the case title conducted on Wednesday, November 22.

Several pieces of evidence that became the basis for determining the suspect, namely, foreign exchange documents worth Rp7.4 billion. There are also the results of the extraction of 21 cellphones.

However, Firli Bahuri has not yet been detained. Although, he is already a suspect.

In this case, Firli Bahuri was charged with Article 12 e or Article 12 B or Article 11 of Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning Eradication of Criminal Acts of Corruption as amended and supplemented by Law Number 20 of 2001 concerning Eradication of Criminal Acts of Corruption in conjunction with Article 65 of the Criminal Code.

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