Anies Wants To Realize A Double Track Train Line In Lampung
Presidential candidate number 1 Anies Baswedan during a conversation with students and the community in Bandar Lampung. Thursday, (7/12/2023). ANTARA/Dian Hadiyatna.

BANDAR LAMPUNG - Presidential Candidate number 1 Anies Baswedan wants to realize a double track train (KA) in Lampung, in order to shorten travel times for both logistics and passengers.

"We want to build a double track train line, which now exists in Lampung, there is only one route so that a distance of 300 kilometers is reached by 9 hours," said Anies in Bandar Lampung, as reported by ANTARA, Thursday, December 7.

With the two railway lines, it is possible that the required distance will be relatively short, not only for logistical purposes but also for human passengers.

"We will also increase the intensity of the fire train so that intercity relations can increase their intensity," he said.

Then regarding road conditions in Lampung, Anies said that transportation must have sufficient budget portions for free roads.

"So don't just build paid roads and forget the unpaid roads in Indonesia," he said.

According to the former Governor of DKI Jakarta, the road issue issued must be proportional so that the principles of justice are met.

"This is a principle that we always hold while on duty. Just one word of justice when justice is applied in mobility, the question is whether we allocate a sufficient budget between paid and unpaid roads. If not, only four-wheeled and upper-wheeled vehicles will be paid for, while two-wheeled and below are not," he said.

Therefore, he also emphasized that the government should pay more attention to unpaid roads with sufficient budget allocations.

"So indeed, proportional elements must be fulfilled, both the budget for paid roads and free of charge," he said.

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