Anies Baswedan's Camp Shocked The Debate Concept Announced By The KPU, Even Though It Has Not Been Discussed
Anies Baswedan was surprised that the KPU announced the debate format without discussion first (doc. ANTARA/Putu Indah Savitri).

JAKARTA - Presidential candidate (candidate) number one, Anies Baswedan, was shocked by the concept of public debate announced by the General Elections Commission (KPU). The claim, there was no discussion, but the implementation format was immediately submitted to the public.

As is known, the KPU said that the concept of a presidential and vice presidential candidate debate in 2024 will attend every joint debate session.

This format is different from the 2019 presidential election where the vice presidential candidate gets its own portion to explain its vision and mission.

"We are surprised. We haven't spoken yet," said Anies at the Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Central Jakarta, Saturday, December 2, 2023.

Anies said the AMIN National Team (Timnas) had actually written to the KPU. They propose a debate format.

"It's just that, the sudden decision has been taken by the KPU. The team has never been spoken to and from our experience there is always a candidate pair to be invited to talk to," he said.

In line with Anies' statement, the AMIN National Team Co-Captain, Nihayatul Wafiroh, also confirmed that a letter had been sent to the KPU.

This step was taken after representatives from three pairs of candidates held a meeting with the KPU on November 29, 2023.

Nihayatul said that at that time there were still two agendas that had not been decided. Namely about the composition for this debate. Are all present or have a special debate for the presidential or vice presidential candidates. Second, the topic issue," he said on a separate occasion.

"Finally, at that time the KPU asked each of us (the candidate pair team, ed.) to submit a proposal letter and they promised to hold a meeting with the team of the three candidate pairs to decide. We ourselves have sent the proposal letter," continued Nihayatul.

However, there has not been a chance to continue from the discussion, the KPU seems to be making its own decisions. "Without inviting us again to a meeting," he said.

The AMIN national team proposes a debate between pairs and special debates for presidential or vice presidential candidates. "So, that's the mechanism that has broken its promise," said Nihayatul.

"Where is the real mechanism for us to have another meeting to decide this shows that the KPU only collects proposals from us and then they decide for themselves without discussing with the candidate pair team," he concluded.

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