President Jokowi Will Talk About Climate Action Progress At COP28
President Jokowi / ANTARA / Yashinta Difa.

JAKARTA - President Joko Widodo arrived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to attend the opening of the 2023 PPB Climate Change Summit or COP28 and explain national statements regarding Indonesia's policies and commitments in overcoming climate change.

Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya Bakar said President Jokowi arrived in Dubai on Thursday (30/11) afternoon and held discussions on the agenda plan for today.

Some of the events undertaken include the official opening of the World Climate Action Summit COP28 UNFCCC, national statement; speakers on the transformation food system in facing climate change challenges and multiple multilateral meetings such as G77 and with the Prime Minister of Norway," he said in Dubai as reported by ANTARA, Friday, December 1.

Minister Siti said that in discussions as well as substantial matters, it was discussed in relation to implementation regarding the agendas of cooperation.

President Jokowi conveyed the implementation of policies regarding agendas that must be followed up by operations at the cabinet level.

The COP28 activity will be held at Expo City Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from November 30 to December 12, 2023.

All countries participating in the United Nations Climate Change Framework Convention or UNFCCC are here to explain the achievements of their climate actions and agree on commitments to suppress the rate of climate change.

The Indonesian government will explain the progress of climate action and various efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the forestry, energy, industry, waste to agriculture and livestock sectors.

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry reported that Indonesia's carbon emissions data was recorded at 1.84 gigatons equivalent to carbon dioxide in 2019, then down to 1.05 gigatons in 2020, 1.14 gigatons in 2021, and 1.20 gigatons in 2022.

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