Prosecutors Stop Prosecution Of Fraud Cases In The Mode Of Treatment Of Gold Tins In Mengwi Bali
The supervision of the fraud case mode of treatment by the suspect Mulyadi at the Badung District Attorney's Office, Bali, Wednesday (29/11/2023). BETWEEN/HO-Kasi Intel Kejari Badung

The Badung District Attorney, Bali, has stopped prosecuting Mulyadi, a suspect in a fraud case with a mode of treatment using gold ink in Mengwi, Badung, Bali.

Head of the Intelligence Section of the Badung Kejari, Gde Ancana, explained the basis for stopping prosecution through a restorative justice approach after going through a long mechanism, starting from the exposure attended by the Deputy Attorney General for General Crimes and ranks.

The case has also been approved for the termination of prosecution based on restorative justice in accordance with the Indonesian Prosecutor's Regulation Number 15 of 2020 concerning Termination of Prosecution Based on Restorative Justice.

The most important thing in resolving this case is that the victim of fraud on behalf of I Wayan Setiarta has forgiven the perpetrator's actions.

"The condition of the termination of prosecution is that the victim has forgiven the suspect's actions and asked that this case be stopped," said Ancana.

Another consideration that is a requirement to stop prosecution is that it is the first time the suspect Mulyadi has committed a crime, the threat of punishment is no more than five years, and the loss suffered by the victim has been returned by the suspect.

"With the end of the termination of prosecution based on restorative justice against the Mulyadi suspect, the case is hereby officially stopped and the suspect is returned to the family so that he can then reunite with his family," said Ancana.

The termination of the prosecution of the case was led by the Head of the Badung District Attorney's Office, Dr. Suseno was facilitated by Prosecutor I Gusti Ngurah Agung Wirayoga and Imam Ramdhoni.

The suspect Mulyiadi is suspected of violating Article 378 or 372 of the Criminal Code.

The fraud case began on Sunday, September 10, 2023. At that time, the suspect came home from work after serving the window at around 10:00 WITA to stop at a shop in Banjar Tauman, Kekeran Village, Mengwi, Badung, to buy drinks.

The owner of a friendly shop was used by the suspect and the suspect's intention arose to cheat.

The next day, Monday, September 11, 2023, the suspect returned to the victim's shop and saw the victim's hand hurt. After being observed, the suspect said the victim had symptoms of stroke and the suspect offered to massage the victim.

The suspect said the victim was hit by a black magic attack that caused his hands to hurt. "The suspect admitted that he could treat the victim with gold ink made of gold," said Ancana.

The victim, who at that time believed the suspect's statement that he was hit by a black magic attack, then ordered his wife to take his gold ring to be given to the suspect and merged into gold ink.

After the gold ring was handed over to the suspect, the suspect then admitted to the victim that he was going to Denpasar City to merge the gold into gold ink.

In the afternoon, the suspect returned to the victim's shop to perform the healing ritual.

The suspect brought two jerry cans containing seawater and two pipettes containing gold ink which turned out to be gold paint and a stem of kelor leaves. The suspect then performed various rituals as if he was a shaman who could treat the victim from a black magic attack.

After completing the ritual of treatment, the suspect again asked for the gold ring to be melted into gold ink because the ritual carried out that day was not enough. However, the victim said he was still thinking about it, and the suspect said he would come again on September 14, 2023 to massage the victim.

On September 14, 2023, the suspect did not come and the victim began to suspect and reported the incident to the police station. The victim suffered a loss of around Rp. 5,000,000 due to the suspect's actions.

After being arrested by the police, the suspect reasoned to have committed a criminal act of fraud or embezzlement because the suspect needed medical expenses for his wife and met the needs of daily life.

Meanwhile, the suspect himself has not received an order for a long time so there is no daily income, so on that basis the suspect takes a shortcut to make money for his wife's treatment and fulfills his daily life by committing no criminal fraud or embezzlement.

After being named a suspect, Mulyadi has been detained at the Mengwi Sector Police since September 17, 2023 for two months and 13 days.

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