KPK Finds Documents To Electronic Evidence Of SYL Cases When Searching The Official House Of Commission IV DPR Members From The PDIP Faction
Head Of KPK News Section Ali Fikri/DOK PHOTO: Wardhany Tsa Tsia-VOI

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) found documents and electronic evidence related to allegations of corruption that ensnared former Minister of Agriculture (Mentan) Syahrul Yasin Limpo. This step was taken after they searched the official residence of Commission IV DPR member from the PDIP faction, Vita Ervina.

Head of the KPK News Section Ali Fikri said the search at Vita's house was carried out on Wednesday, November 15.

"A search of the official residence of the DPR members has been carried out regarding the alleged corruption case of SYL and his friends," Ali told reporters in a written statement, Thursday, November 16.

"From the search, document records and electronic evidence were obtained," he continued.

Ali did not specify what documents and electronic evidence were meant. Investigators will analyze it.

"Immediately confiscated as evidence in the case file," he said.

Previously reported, the KPK suspected that Syahrul had blackmailed his employees by requiring to pay monthly deposits with the help of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture Kasdi Subagyono and the Director of Agricultural Equipment of the Ministry of Agriculture Muhammad Hatta. The nominal that is pegged and must be deposited by echelon I-II employees is around 4,000-10,000 US dollars.

It is believed that the money collected does not only come from the realization of the Ministry of Agriculture's budget inflated or mark-ups but from vendors working on projects. The money is given in cash, transfers or goods.

The KPK then suspected that the money Syahrul received was used for various personal interests. Starting from Umrah with other Ministry of Agriculture employees, buying cars, repairing houses to flowing to the NasDem Party with a value of up to billions of rupiah.

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