BPBD Records 9 Landslide Points In Cianjur, A Total Of 13 Heads Of Families Refuge To Mosques And Madrasahs
A resident's house in Cibeber District, Cianjur Regency, West Java, was damaged by landslide material, so the owner of the house was forced to evacuate, Wednesday (11/15/2023). (ANTARA/Ahmad Fikri). (Ahmad Fikri)
CIANJUR - The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Cianjur Regency, West Java noted that nine landslide points hit a number of sub-districts in the district. A total of 13 families fled, because houses were damaged by landslides. Head of BPBD Cianjur Asep Sukma Wijaya said heavy rains that hit most of the Cianjur area with an intensity of more than five hours caused landslides in residents' villages and closed main road access. "Longsor hit a resident village in Cibeber District, Cikadu District and Naringgul District, as a result in Cibeber District 5 families displaced and in Cikadu District 8 families were displaced, because their houses were heavily damaged by landslides," he said when contacted in Cianjur, Antara, Wednesday, November 15. As a result of the landslide that occurred in the early hours of this morning, in three sub-districts, 18 houses were heavily damaged and dozens of other houses were threatened. However, five houses were moderately damaged in Naringgul District, the owner could still live in, due to damage mostly in the back or kitchen. Residents who fled filled the terrace of the mosque and madrasa who were considered safe from landslides while waiting for help from the government to repair the house, while logistical assistance had been sent through officers who came to the location. "We are still collecting data on other landslides, due to limited officers and geographical locations that are difficult to reach when receiving reports. However, temporary data only three villages in three sub-districts were affected by landslides," he said. Meanwhile, six other landslide points hit inter-district and village connecting roads in a number of sub-districts in the southern region, including a suspension bridge reportedly broke in Cidaun District. "For landslides that block roads, starting from Cibeber District, there are two points, Cibinong as many as two points, Cikadu as many as three points and Sindangbarang as many as two points," he said.
For the inter-district connecting road in Cibinong District to Sindangbarang, it can be passed even though it is not yet normal, officers are still trying to get rid of landslide material along the 20 meters with a height of 1.5 meters. "Our estimate tonight is normal from both directions, because two heavy equipment have been lowered, while at seven other points, the handling of landslides that had blocked the connecting road has been able to be passed," he said.

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