Jalan Cianjur Arah Bandung Terputus Akibat Tree Tumbang
The main road to Cianjur to Bandung, precisely in Karangtengah District, Cianjur, West Java, was cut off simultaneously due to fallen trees after heavy rains on Friday (10/11/2023). (Ahmad Fikri). (Ahmad Fikri)

The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Cianjur Regency, West Java, noted that the main route connecting Cianjur to Bandung was temporarily cut off due to fallen trees that occurred at two points after heavy rain accompanied by strong winds.

Asep Sukma Wijaya, Head of BPBD Cianjur Regency, Asep Sukma Wijaya, said that heavy rain accompanied by strong winds that hit most of the local area, in the evening caused two large trees on Jalan Raya Bandung Cianjur, precisely in Karangtengah District, to fall, blocking the road.

"As of 19.00 WIB, efforts to get rid of fallen trees are still being carried out by joint TNI/Polri officers and volunteers, as a result, long queues of vehicles can be seen from both directions, precisely on Jalan Raya Karangtengah," he said as quoted by ANTARA, Friday, November 10.

His party coordinated with the Cianjur Police to divert traffic to a number of alternative routes along the route, such as Sukaluyu and Cikalongkulon through Cianjur city, because the evacuation process took quite a long time.

It is targeted that traffic flow can return to normal from both directions towards midnight because the fallen tree at two points is large enough in size, making it difficult for officers even if they use a chainsaw.

"Officers make quick efforts so that traffic flow can return to normal from both directions because the queue of vehicles is more than two kilometers from both directions. We also direct motorists to take alternative routes to reduce queues," he said.

According to Antara's observation, until 20.00 WIB, efforts to get rid of fallen tree material were still carried out by joint officers, in addition to the large number of trees and heavy rains still flushed the location, making it difficult for officers to make maximum efforts.

A number of officers from the Cianjur Police Traffic Unit, were seen directing motorists to Bandung or vice versa to Cianjur to the alternative route Sukaluyu and Cikalongkulon, in order to avoid total traffic jams along the Bandung Cianjur main route.

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