Content Specialists Emphasize The Importance Of Pregnancy Planning To Know The Health Conditions Of A Woman
Illustration. (Photo: Unsplash)

JAKARTA - An obstetrician from Radjak Hospital Cengkareng, Dr. Jieni Hardiyanto SpOG, said the pregnancy needed to be planned from the start to prevent unwanted things in the future.

"Preplanning for pregnancy is important to know the health condition of a woman. Whether her condition is good or not to have a pregnancy," said Jieni in a statement in Jakarta, quoted from Antara, Saturday, September 30.

He added that someone who wants to plan a pregnancy, must be in good health, have good nutrition, have good reproductive organs so that they will make healthy pregnancy until birth into healthy babies and children.

But what happens a lot today, pregnancy is done without planning and without preparation. As a result, it will have an impact on the health of mothers and children in the future.

Currently, he continued, there are various pregnancy support facilities, including 4D ultrasound which is able to provide an overview of the fetal movement in real time and accurately detect abnormalities. The available delivery services range from preparation for childbirth to post-transmission.

In addition, there is also an Enhanced Recovery After Caesarean Surgery (ERACS) technique, which is a treatment designed to accelerate patient recovery by reducing the response to surgery stress and supporting the body's natural function, thereby accelerating treatment without disturbing patient satisfaction or safety.

"ERACS minimizes the risk of patient discomfort during surgery and after surgery, so it is hoped that patients will eat and drink faster, move or mobilize, immediately take care of their babies, and return to normal activities," he said.

In addition to providing pregnancy services, the hospital also has a hemorrhoid treatment service using the Paran Injection League for Ambeien (PILA) method, which is a therapy that combines injection of sclerotherapy agents with rubber lPS. Also cataract eye care with Micro-Incision Phacoemulsification or micro-incision surgery.

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