The First Rain After 4 Months Of Drought, The Man In Tangerang Actually 'Group' His Temple Leaked
Rizky, a resident of Tangerang complained about the roof of his leaking house/ Photo: IST

TANGERANG - The people of Tangerang have been waiting for the rain, because it has been going on for four months during the dry season. However, the natural phenomenon was responded to by complaints from the residents of Tangerang.

Rizky (36), a resident of Cipondoh, Tangerang City, admitted that he was annoyed that his house was leaking at several points on the roof of his house. So, he was forced to be busy covering the holes on the roof of his house.

"If you say it's happy. Yes, it's happy. But if the tile leaks, it's annoyed too. I was forced to go up to the roof to fix my tiles," said Rizky when met at the location, Tuesday, September 19.

Another resident, Rafsan, admitted that he was grateful for the rain. Even though it was quite heavy and strong winds, he was still happy, because his house had been experiencing water shortages since the last 2 months.

"The rain is big, hopefully this rain will be blessed so that we will no longer queue for clean water," he said.

He assessed that this rain was a blessing when his area was hit by drought.

"Hopefully this rain makes PAM at home function optimally, so that there is no longer a lack of clean water," he concluded

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