Reporter Asks Police To Immediately Arrest Celebrity Oklin Fia And Make Suspects
Oklin Fia/ Photo: Instagram

JAKARTA - The Executive Board of the Indonesian Muslim Student Union (PB SMMI) urged the Central Jakarta Metro Police to immediately determine the status of the suspect against the Oklin Fia celebrity because there have been many police reports. Oklin was reported for the viral content of 'flanking ice cream' with an indecent style while wearing a hijab.

"We hope that Oklin will be questioned soon and named a suspect," said the Head of Legal and Human Rights Division of PB SMMI, Arisastra Desert, Wednesday, August 23.

In addition, the Desert ensures that the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) fully supports PB SMMI's steps in reporting on the Oklin Fia celebrity.

"The MUI basically fully supports PB SMMI's steps and will be willing to be summoned by the police and or submitted by PB SEMMI as an expert," he said.

Furthermore, the PB SMMI management also urged the Central Jakarta Metro Police to depose the Oklin Fia program so as not to flee abroad. The application for determination has been submitted to the Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief.

"We ask the Resort Police to coordinate with immigration to ban Oklin Fia from leaving the country, we are worried that she has the potential to run away," he explained.

Sebelumnya diberitakan, Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat belum melakukan penangkapan terhadap selebgram Oklin Fia atas laporan dugaan penistaan agama melalui video viral dengan sceneang jib ice cream' di titik pubk pria dengan mengenakan hijab.

Currently, investigators from the Central Jakarta Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit are still collecting the number of expert witnesses for additional information.

"The reported party has not been (arrested). He is still asking for expert information," said Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Komarudin when confirmed by VOI, Tuesday, August 22.

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