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Flight attendant illustration (Mahesa ARK / VOI)

JAKARTA - The beauty of sexy to classy flight attendant uniforms. The rows of uniformed flight attendants who walk the airport are often seen as supermodels on the runway. However, the uniform dress that is worn also raises questions. Do the flight attendants have no trouble carrying out their duties in their uniforms? It turns out that the beauty of the flight attendant uniform model is related to the early history of the appearance of flight attendants.

In the 1930s, it was rare for women to fly planes. This made a female medical nurse named Ellen Church desire to become one of those rare women. However, even though he could fly a plane, the men who worked for Boeing Air Transport were reluctant to approve his application. Women being pilots is still very taboo.

Ellen never stopped fulfilling her wish. Finally on May 15, 1930, Ellen made her first flight. She managed to become the first woman to work as a flight attendant. Since then, the development of flight attendant uniforms began. The first uniform was similar to the female army uniform, namely a green double-breasted blazer paired with a knee-length skirt, and complemented by a robe that they sewed themselves in a matching color.

Siniar VOI this time will discuss the history of the development of flight attendant uniforms and why flight attendants wear sexy or classy uniforms that seem difficult to do their heavy duty on the plane. Please hit the listen button and we'll tell the story for you.

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