6 Residents Of Gunung Sindur Prison, Bogor, Receive Vesak Remission
Head of Class IIA Special Prison Gunung Sindur, Mujiarto (doc Gunsir Prison)

BOGOR - Gunung Sindur Class II A Correctional Institution (Lapas) Bogor gave remissions to 6 Correctional Inmates (WBP) at the celebration of the Tri Suci Vesak 2567 Era Buddhists (BE) or 2023 AD.

The head of the Class IIA Gunung Sindur Special Prison, Mujiarto explained, as many as six WBPs of the Class IIA Buddhists in Gunung Sindur received Special Remission for Vesak Day 2023, with details of a 1 month sentence of 4 people and 1 month 15 days as many as 2 people, he said. "The provision of Vesak remissions is also intended to be used as reflection and motivation for WBPs to always introspect themselves and continue to strive to become better human beings," said Muji, in his statement, Sunday, June 4. He said, the overall event of granting remissions was a manifestation of the fulfillment of the rights of the WBPs which of course had met the requirements and in accordance with procedures. Previously, the West Java Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regional Office noted that there were as many as 70 prisoners or correctional inmates (WBPs) who received special remissions on Waisak Day 2023. West Java Ministry of Law and Human Rights Kadivpas Kusnali said the granting of remission was based on the letter of the Director General of Corrections Number: W.11.PAS-PK.05.04.676 dated April 14, 2023 regarding the Implementation of the Special Remission Giving of Vesak Day 2023 to Prisoners.

"The number of inmates who received 70 Vesak Day remissions, consisting of 69 Vesak I Special Remissions and 1 Vesak II Special Remission," said Kusnali last Friday.

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