The Financial Industry Is Getting Tighter, Bank DKI Is Running A 5.0 Transformation Program

JAKARTA - Bank DKI Director of Technology and Operations Amirul Wicaksono said the regional development bank (BPD) owned by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will drive the Transformation program 5.0 in 2023.

This program is run during competition for service digitization in the banking and financial industries that are getting tighter.

"The strategic steps for the 5.0 Transformation currently being carried out by Bank DKI are on the right track to increase Bank DKI capabilities and capacity," Amirul said in his statement, Friday, March 31.

In the 5.0 transformation, Bank DKI implements improvement programs in all aspects, starting from the field of human capital, digital technology, as well as sharpening business lines and ecosystem formation. Everything is trapped by implementing governance, risk and compliance.

"On the implementation of this transformation strategy, Bank DKI has succeeded in improving financial performance by growing rapidly while remaining prudent and healthy, and being able to prove that it continues to grow positively during challenging economic conditions," said Amirul.

Meanwhile, Amirul said that Bank DKI also continues to strive to provide digital-based services to encourage the implementation of non-cash transactions. Most recently, in the form of simple apps, namely JakOne Pay and New JakOne Mobile super apps.

In addition, Bank DKI is also developing JakOne Abank applications and digital lending development which are expected to maximize the application of financial inclusion for MSME actors so as to encourage accelerated economic growth, especially in DKI Jakarta.

It is known, during 2022, Bank DKI recorded a net profit of IDR 939 billion in December 2022. Profit, which is the company's highest achievement since its establishment, grew 29.11 percent compared to the December 2021 period of IDR 727.36 billion.

Bank DKI's increase in net profit was achieved through an increase in interest income to IDR 4.53 trillion in December 2022. This figure increased 16.64 percent (yoy) from IDR 3.88 trillion in the previous year period.

In addition, the increase in transactions on digital platforms also played a role in boosting fee-based income growth by 27.71 percent to IDR 576.01 billion in December 2022, from IDR 451.03 billion in December 2021.

Furthermore, this DKI BUMD experienced an increase in lending throughout 2022, growing by 23.53 percent to Rp48.37 trillion in December 2022 from Rp39.16 trillion in the previous year.

The increase in Bank DKI's credit disbursement was driven by the growth of all independent credit segments year-on-year. Micro loans increased 54.22 percent to IDR 2.56 trillion in 2022 from IDR 1.66 trillion in 2021.

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