Yogyakarta, Jambi, Bandar Lampung, And Manado Will Expect Heavy Rain Today
Heavy Rain (Photo: ANTARA)

JAKARTA - The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) predicts rain with light to heavy intensity will flush several cities in Indonesia on Saturday afternoon and evening.

According to BMKG information in Jakarta, Saturday, March 25, light rain during the day is predicted to fall in Denpasar, Gorontalo, Bandung, Semarang, and Surabaya cities.

Quoted from ANTARA, light rain is also predicted to fall in the cities of Banjarmasin, Pangkal Pinang, Tanjung Pinang, Ternate, Pekanbaru, Mamuju, and Kendari. Rain with moderate intensity during the day is predicted to fall in Serang City, DKI Jakarta, Pontianak, Palembang, and Medan.


Residents of Yogyakarta, Jambi, Bandar Lampung, and Manado should prepare umbrellas and be aware of the possibility of flooding or other natural disasters that have the potential to occur when heavy rains fall.

Meanwhile, the cities of Palangka Raya, Samarinda, Ambon, Mataram, Kupang, Jayapura, Manokwari, Makassar, and Padang. The cities of Banda Aceh are thick cloudy. Then the cities of Bengkulu and Tarakan, predicted cloudy skies during the day.

In the evening, light rain is predicted to fall in the cities of Bandung, Semarang, Palangka Raya, Bandar Lampung, Manokwari, Pekanbaru, Mamuju, Makassar, Kendari, Manado, and Medan. Meanwhile, heavy rain accompanied by lightning at night is predicted to flush Banjarmasin City. Banjarmasin residents should also increase caution when heavy rains fall. Meanwhile, the cities of Banda Aceh, Denpasar, Serang, Yogkulu, Yogyakarta, DKI Jakarta, Gorontalo, Jambi, Surabaya, Samarinda, Pangkal Pinang, Tanjung Pinang, Ambon, Ternate, Mataram, Kupang, Jayapura, and Palembang are forecasted to be cloudy at night.

Meanwhile, Pontianak, Tarakan, and Padang are predicted to be cloudy at night.

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