Ukrainian President Suddenly Visits Bakhmut Industrial City
Illustration of the Ukrainian flag (Photo: Unsplash)

JAKARTA - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a surprise visit to Bakhmut. The city is a Ukrainian industrial city that has been the center of war in recent months.

"I am honored to be here at this time to give awards to the heroes. To shake hands and thank them for protecting the sovereignty of our country," Zelenskyy said via Telegram.

He also shared a video of his visit to the Ukrainian region, which showed him giving speeches to the soldiers and giving medals.

"Greet to everyone who is currently fighting for Ukraine! Hopefully the memories of those who sacrifice their lives for our independence will be blessed," added the Ukrainian leader.

After that, Zelenskyy visited a local hospital where the injured Ukrainian soldiers received treatment, and he hoped they would recover quickly.

"I would like to thank representatives from the Ukrainian Armed Forces Medical Forces for their professionalism and work. Until victory, it is very important to save the lives of many people who defend this country. You defend him on the front lines," he said.

In addition, Zelenskyy also held a meeting with military command in the region, where he received information about social and security circumstances in Donetsk.

"Restorations from the damaged infrastructure, as well as efforts to ensure water and electricity supply is not cut off, have been discussed. The parties are also considering funding issues for the relocation of health facilities from temporary occupied areas," the Ukrainian President said in a statement.

Bakhmut is a major transportation and logistics hub in Donetsk, Ukraine, and is part of the Donbass industrial area where most of the population speaks Russian.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the Wagner paramilitary group involved in Russia's special military operation, acknowledged earlier this month that the city was nearing siege.

On Monday (19/3), Prigozhin warned Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu in a letter shared via Telegram that Ukraine was planning an attack aimed at crushing Wagner troops from the main body of Russian troops in the region. He asked Shoygu to take "all necessary steps" to prevent this from happening.

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