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Illustration of lies (Mahesa ARK / VOI)

JAKARTA - Mythomania is a psychological disorder that causes the sufferer to continue to lie, even he himself believes the lies he has made. This disease is also known as pseudologia fantastica. This psychological disorder was first discovered in 1891 by German psychiatrist Anton Delbrueck.

Mythomania sufferers often tell lies that are accompanied by elements of fantasy or fantasy, besides that this lie is also combined with the facts in it. Therefore, this type of pathological lying can be said to be the most extreme when compared to the other three types, namely lying due to habits that are easily discovered and could be due to neurological disorders, impulsive lies (such as stealing, gambling, and crazy shopping), or a con artist who likes to impersonate another identity.

In general, people with this disorder do not realize or even control their condition. Therefore, it is quite difficult to stop the habit of lying even though people with mythomania themselves intend to stop it. However, the only way to start treating it is with hard work and willingness from the sufferer.

The causes often lie because mythomania is quite diverse. The majority is influenced by psychological factors. Maybe she has had a failure, a bad relationship, or a bad experience that is enough to hurt her feelings.

Siniar VOI this time will explain about mythomania disease. Hit the listen button and we'll tell the story for you.

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