To Prevent Acts Of Kidnapping And Violence Against Children, The Police Explain The Fulfillment Of Rights And Protection For Children

JAKARTA – The rise of kidnappings in a number of areas has attracted the attention of the government to take preventive steps. As was done by the City Government (Pemkot) of South Jakarta (Jaksel), asking residents to be wise in using social media to prevent child kidnapping.

"I hope that this socialization increases child protection in order to avoid acts of physical and psychological violence in the surrounding environment," said Arafat, a Manggarai urban village official, quoted from Antara, Wednesday, February 8.

Arafat added that he together with the Tebet District Sector Police (Polsek) provided an explanation on how to prevent violence against children which has recently been rife.

With all levels of society moving together, he hopes to improve the quality of children in that environment.

He was also reminded that children must be trained from an early age not to easily trust strangers when given gifts and dare to refuse requests from strangers.

"For the most part, violence against children occurs in the environment where they interact, so it is necessary to increase self-protection," he said.

In accordance with the Child Protection Act, said the Sub-Sector Head of the Manggarai Police Post, Aiptu Kusen Antoni, someone under 18 years of age, including those who are still in the womb, also has rights that must be fulfilled.

"Children's rights that must be fulfilled in general are the right to life, the right to growth and development, the right to participate, and the right to protection," said Antoni.

With the fulfillment of children's rights, he continued, the creation of a safe and comfortable environment would be realized synergistically.

"Together with the police, we hope that parents and children will also have the courage to report if they find acts of violence," he said.

Based on the records of the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (Kemen-PPPA), cases of sexual violence against children reached 9,588 cases in 2022.

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