The Domino Gelontoran Effect Of The Rupiah Billion Fund From Ganjar Pranowo For Tourism Villages
Ganjar Pranowo (Photo via Central Java Provincial Government)

Optimizing the post-pandemic tourism sector as the spearhead by the Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo for economic recovery and growth. The provincial government also supports efforts to develop tourist villages.

Central Java, through Village Financial Assistance (Bankeudes) from 2020 to 2022, has disbursed Rp66.3 billion to polish 464 of the 818 tourist villages in 35 regencies/cities to make them more innovative and creative. In the end, it attracts more domestic and foreign tourists.

Bankeudes disbursement managed by Central Java Disporapar for tourist villages is divided into three categories, namely Rp. 1 billion for the category of Advanced Tourism Village, Rp. 500 million for Developing Tourism Villages and Rp. 100 million for Rintisan Tourism Village.

Last year, there were 131 tourist villages that received stimulant funds with a budget of IDR 18.5 billion. Namely, two advanced tourist villages each IDR 1 billion, nine developing tourist villages IDR 500 million each, 120 start-ups tourist villages IDR 100 million each.

The stimulant assistance from Ganjar, was felt and received a domino effect for tourist villages, one of which was Nyalembeng Village, Pulosari District, Pemalang Regency, which received assistance of IDR 1 billion in 2021.

According to the Head of the Nyalembeng Kunedi Village, who would have thought that the Nyalembeng Tourism Village with the flagship spot of Tangkeban Hill with the panoramic landscape of Mount Slamet has now become a favorite destination. Even though initially it was only a barren hill, but by creative hands young people have been transformed into contemporary exotic tourism.

"We are very grateful for Pak Ganjar's support. He not only visited Nyalembeng, but motivated young people here to be willing to develop this tourist village," said Kunedi.

Assistance from the provincial government is used for the construction of parking facilities and infrastructure and incoming counters. Before receiving assistance for the expansion of the parking lot, a large bus fleet could not enter. Now Nyalembeng can accommodate around 50 buses.

The broader impact, continued Kunedi, is community empowerment by growing MSMEs, as well as opening employment opportunities which automatically reduce unemployment. The same thing was conveyed by the Head of Lerep Village, West Ungaran District, Semarang Regency, Sumaryadi.

He revealed, after being supported by financing by the Provincial Government, Lerep Tourism Village shot up far.

Armed with assistance of IDR 1 billion, Lerep built a Cafe Joglo, a market stall for snacks for Denso and the Tourism Information Center (TIC) building which was able to absorb 300 merchants, 25 motorcycle taxi drivers, 20 art workers.

Lerep with the charm of ecotourism and cool mountain nature, recorded various national level awards. These achievements include the Best Sustainable Tourism Village from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in 2021, and are included in the 300 Big Awards of Indonesian Tourism Village Awards.

Ganjar Pranowo said that his party always encourages villages to optimize their existing potential. In addition, it can also build networks.

"This is the financial assistance we provide to villages, which was then developed for tourist villages. It turned out to be good results. The village head (village head) and all components of the community tried to participate, so that various potential villages could be developed," said Ganjar.

As a form of support for tourist villages, Ganjar also recommended 10 tourist villages in his social media environment which he considered suitable for healing. He invited tourists to travel to the tourist village.

The 10 recommended tourist villages include Giyanto Tourism Village in Wonosobo, Kandri in Semarang City, Conto in Wonogiri, Dawuhan in Banjarnegara, Muncar in Semarang Regency, Sambongrejo in Blora, Somongari in Purworejo, Karangrejo in Magelang Regency, Pekunden in Banyumas, and Sidowarno in Klaten.

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