JAKARTA - The famous Indonesian band Dewa 19 looks stunning in Soul Intimate Concert 2.0 which was held at The Kasablanka Hall, Jakarta, Friday, April 19. Appearing all black, dozens of songs were performed by Dewa 19 which this time collaborated with the singer who graduated from the Virzha talent search event.

"Ready to sing with Dewa 19?" said Virzha during the concert, quoted from ANTARA, Saturday, April 20. Dewa 19's songs were able to hypnotized the audience to sing together.

The song Perempuan Tertik Cantik Di Negeriku Indonesia became the opening song for Dewa 19's performance which was greeted with cheers and applause from fans.

Not infrequently, Virzha occasionally teases the audience by mentioning the preferences of the songs sung.

"This one song is suitable for those who have a partner, for those who don't have a boyfriend or are single, this song can be a motivation," said Virzha.

It didn't stop there, Ahmad Dhani joined in singing a song called While Wanting to Make Love which made the audience even more excited to have fun together.

Funny things also often happen, from wrong singing, to complementary jokes of appearances also presented by Ahmad Dhani and his friends this time.

"Sorry, something went wrong, you understand this is a band, gentlemen," said Ahmad Dhani to the audience after he was wrong when he was about to start a song called I Want To Break Free.

Another song that Dewa performed was 19 feats. This time Virzha is Dewi, There's No Other Love, Cover Your Heart, Two Couples, Make A Heart, And Wings Break.

Then, the song titled Blank, Kangen, Roman Picisan, and Half My Breath which became a slick closing in this intimate concert.

Other singers who performed in the concert were Maliq & D'Essentials and Reza Artamevia who had already entertained the audience who came to the concert.

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