Create An English Song, Vidi Prepares A New Image For Himself
Vidi Aldiano (ist)

Musician Vidi Aldiano has failed to make a comeback to the entertainment industry with the introduction of a new image. Carrying the hashtag #Vidicomeback2023 through various social media accounts, Vidi wants to introduce himself to a shorter name, namely VIDI and this comeback process is his priority in working in 2023.

The singer of the popular song Nuansa Bening wants to show his image as a musician who returns with beautiful works.

"The name will also be simpler, which you might have known before I was Vidi Aldiano, now with this new concept, it will turn into Vidi, and this is the day I signaled that this is the start of my new journey in the music industry," Vidi said in his official statement, Saturday.

According to his nickname as Ambassador of Friendship, Vidi promised to expand his friendship and work to a different level from before. As a leak of work that he will launch in the near future, he will fully use English.

"This comeback made me a new musician, me a new self, with a new song, the first music production I did, and this is my journey to EP which later all concepts are full in English," said Vidi.

The new change in the image and musical concepts has actually been prepared by Vidi since early 2023 and is increasingly confirmed by the official announcement of his comeback.

For those who are looking forward to the latest work by the husband of actress Sheila Dara, you will be able to see the preparation process on Vidi Aldiano's YouTube channel at the end of September 2023.

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