The Changcuters Prepare New Songs, Workshop Sessions Start Soon
The Changcuters (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - The Changcuters band will launch a new song that is scheduled to come to the listening room for music lovers in Indonesia this year.

"Kostum was just released last January, to coincide with releasing Inshaallah's new song this year. So everything is all new this year," said BAS actress Dipa Nandastyra Hasibuan or familiarly called Dipa, quoted from Antara, Thursday.

Dipa said that currently his band has just finished making song material and is entering the recording process. After that, they plan to hold a workshop while sharing the schedule between off water activities.

"After finishing the workshop, we will try to enter the recording studio in the near future. We will finish one or two songs first," he said.

On that occasion, vocalist of the band Mohammad Tria Ramadhani or familiarly called Tria revealed the band's plans to record while touring and filling out music festivals in a city if later they don't have enough time.

Speaking of songs, he said especially for fans of The Changcuters songs, they would feel something new. Tria did not provide detailed information about the song but only ensured that the genre was still in accordance with The Changcuters' image.

Tria, Dipa and their three colleagues, namely Muhammad Iqbal, Arlanda Ghazali Langitan and Erick Nindyoastomo in early July will be filling in the music festival which is scheduled to be held at Brigif Cimahi Square, West Java.

The rock band, which was formed in 2004, has even received an offer to appear until the end of 2023.

"Alhamdulillah, our schedule until the end of the year has been filled because of the many events after the pandemic and we are part of every event," said Dipa.

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