Burgerkill Pays Respect To The Late Eben In Your Economy
Burgerkill (Instagram @burgerkillofficial)

JAKARTA - Burgerkill threw a new single for the late Eben with the titleten on March 26 yesterday.

However, for the time being,appropriation has only been distributed on the YouTube burgerkillofficial channel. So far, they have not announced the schedule for the release of this song on digital music services.

"Please, our latest single special offering on the birthday of @ebenbkhc, our special respect and momentum to interpret the loss, the moment of gathering debris from us to assemble his figure so that we walk straight forward to determine the direction," they opened.

"Happy Birthday maestro, we present the spectral echo in the vibrations and the echo that is summarized in the music that will continue to flow across the boundaries of space and time!"

Eben is a vital figure in the band's body that has been formed since 1995. he is one of the founders of Burgerkill.

Eben was involved in various processes of cultivating the legendary works of Burgerkill, namely Three Black Points (2004), Batin Prison (2004), Tanah Dog (2006), and many others.

It didn't stop there, he also made achievements with Burgerkill when he won the Metal As F*ck Golden Globe Award in 2013, and completed a concert tour in Europe and America.

In fact, this achievement was able to get Bugerkill into the list of the 50 best metal bands of all time in Metal Hammer magazine, England.

On the list, the band from Bandung is in 14th place ahead of the Motorhead, Dream Theater, and Lamb of God.

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