JAKARTA - The 2025 Ford Mustang comes with a special edition to celebrate its 60th anniversary. This edition comes with a emblem and stripping inspired by the 1965 Mustang.

Ford will produce as many as 1965 Mustang units with this special package. This figure refers to Mustang's official debut year. This package will be available for booking starting this spring and produced later this year.

Dressed for the occasion. Introducing the Ford Mustang® 60th Anniversary Package. A classic twist on the 2025 GT Premium, only 1,965 will be unleashed.Available fall ’24 in Wimbledon White, Race Red and Vapor Blue. Learn more: https://t.co/reHVnYlVn2Preproduction model shown. pic.twitter.com/MRgqNoai5k

Launching the X Mustang account, this special edition is available for Mustang GT Premium Coupe and Convertible. The display is thick with red, white, and blue themes that symbolize the United States flag. The exterior trim uses a blend of gray, red, and silver colors.

One of the most striking characteristics is the use of dark gray 20-inch rims with a red aluminum cap center. This is a reference to the cap center on the 1965 Mustang.

Likewise with the emblem on the ferry and baggage designed to resemble the 1965 Mustang "cloisonn\" emblem. This emblem is made using a technique using colored glass paste which is then burned in a 150 degrees Celsius radius.

To add to the classic impression, there are options for silver or red side stripping.

The instrument panel in this car will also be equipped with a series-numbered emblem. This special edition also gets a dark Nitekungan headlights and a mesh grip design that Ford says is inspired by the 1964 Mustang.

Interestingly, reported by CarandDriver, April 18, 1964 itself is not the official year for Mustang launch. Mustang production actually started in March 1964, and cars produced until July that year had many differences over the 1965 model, even offering two different machine choices.

However, Ford has never officially marketed the car as a model for 1964. The collectors later called this car a 1964 Mustang.5.

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